informed reaction at the scene after an accident will reduce your chances for additional grief and expense.

Try to obtain the following information at the scene of the accident:

1. The drivers full name, license number, address, and multiple phone numbers
2. The license plate number, make and model, and color of the vehicle
3. The insurance company name listed on the vehicles registration
4. The date, time, location (ie: West bound on Street name), and conditions
5. If available, name and information for any witnesses
6. Take pictures with your cell phone BEFORE the cars are moved from the spot of the accident if it is safe and possible to do so.
7. When in doubt, call the police, and wait for them to arrive before moving the cars.

Once the confusion of the accident has passed, the smartest thing you can do is to call someone with experience who will work with your best interest in mind – your collision specialist here at Ivan's Collision Center .

Do I have to take my car to a certain repair shop?
No you do not. You, (the vehicle owner) have the right to decide what repair shop your vehicle will be repaired at. The purpose of your insurance company is to pay for the repairs.

How many estimates do I need?
You need only ONE estimate!

 You can call Ivan's Collision Center to make arrangements to have your car or truck inspected by your insurance company here at our shop. We prefer this method since it allows us to represent you customers, and you car, best interest while negotiating with the insurance company from the very beginning of the repair process.

While your car is here we can give you a proper appraisal because we are licensed to do so. Then, the insurance company’s appraiser will be allowed to appraise the damage. Once you have obtained their appraisal (estimate), send us the paperwork so we can review the information together.


In Massachusetts, the customer has the right to have their vehicle repaired at the facility of their choice.

We know how stressful an auto accident can be and at Ivan's Collision Center we strive ensure our customers are provided with outstanding service. Our goal is to return your vehicle in its original beauty, handling and performance.

We strive to make sure the entire insurance claim process is easy as well as stress free. It’s what we have always done for our clients to help ensure our customers of our great quality and efficient service.


No problem at Ivan's Collision Center we well help you to get you a rental car 


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Ivan's Collision Center is a locally owned and operated auto garage providing auto collision repair services at affordable prices. We have been in business for 5 years.


We hold an auto insurance appraisal license, and we offer a guarantee on our insurance work.


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